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Welcome to English Without An Accent!


If you're learning to speak English as a second language, congradulations! Learning a second language is hard work.

But I know that even after years of intense study and practice, English language pronunciation can still cause difficulties.

I can help you.

I've helped hundreds of people improve their English language pronunciation and develop nice speaking accents.

It's all in my book and CD program: 

English Without an Accent

Written by Darrell Mangum

ISBN-10   0-9794607-0-0  
ISBN-13      978-0-9794607-0-8

English Without an Accent 

Written by Darrell Mangum

is now available from Amazon.com 

You can also purchase ENGLISH WITHOUT AN ACCENT through Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.

Is English proficiency important to you? Do you struggle with one or more letters or sounds in your pronunciation? Is your accent less atractive than it could be?

If you're a student of English, this course is your next step toward a more fluent, attractive speaking style.

This is your program if you are looking for proficiency in:

  • Ingles
  • Anglais
  • Eigo
  • Ying Mahn

We also help you develop a bigger and more useful vocabulary.

I've NEVER heard a customer say that this program didn't work, and work immediatly.

Included are three audio CDs that cover all the material in the book, so that you can practice the pronunciation exercises in the book, with the voice of the author.

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There are many different accents in the English speaking world. This course is not designed to teach you to speak with any particular accent. Instead, you will learn to pronounce English letters, words, phrases, and sounds correctly.

How is this program different from other English courses?

"English Without An Accent" is not a beginning English course. When you purchase this program, we assume that you are already and enthusiastic student of the English language. However, you will soon find that your knowledge of the English language will grow faster than ever as you practice the exercises in this program.

Actual product

The CDs

Included in your program are three essential CDs. These CDs contain all the exercises in the book and will enable you to practice with the author.
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"English Without An Accent" is available on Ebay.